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So Young Issue Eighteen

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Festival season is becoming a distant memory and it’s time for the tours to commence. Following their big show at Scala, Sports Team take the cover and they invited us to a local haunt in West London to chat about their rise. Amyl and the Sniffers are the Australian punks that no one can get enough of. We gave them a call to discuss how they went from potentially never playing a show to touring the UK and US. Slaves have just released their third record and to some critical acclaim. We speak to both Isaac and Laurie about the album as well as the debut release from their label, Girl Fight. In the midst of their latest release, we give Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson a call during his family holidays. He took the time to chat about social media and tell us why he thinks indie music is ‘horrible and tired’. Flying over to Dublin via email, we sent some questions to Partisan Records latest signings, Fontaines D.C. The Dublin boys have caused quite a stir and ahead of their tour with Shame, we dug into their inspirations and aspirations.

Palma Violets will hold a place in the hearts of many, but from it’s embers, Gently Tender are expanding on their previous projects sound. We met them for a pint in Kings Cross to talk about their spiritual shift from concrete to earth as well as bringing in Celia from The Big Moon. Deeper into your read you’ll find Canadian collective, Crack Cloud, who have been challenging the norm and discuss how their disassociation with their surroundings has inspired their content. We’ve managed to fight through the Indonesian fanfare to have a chat with Brighton’s Fur. The band have just signed to Nice Swan records and we caught up with them to discuss criticism from members of The Fall as well as being perfectionists. Sistertalk finish off the band features as the London buzz band keep things short and tell us what’s going on around them at the minute. As always we introduce some of our new faves in Who Are You? This issue features The Murder Capital, Krush Puppies, Jacob Slater, Sons of Raphael and more. Plus, Dan Pare takes us to The Five Bells in New Cross to talk about what’s been going on down there.


Josh Whettingsteel
Antonio Giovanni Pinna
Marcus Oakley
Sac Magique
Anna Sarvira
Jolanda Jokinen
Anna Rupprecht
Nada Hayek
Andreea Dobrin Dinu
Jonathan Vermersch
Anna Skeels
Ed Burkes
Taylor Benson
Aga Giecko