rabbit x So Young Limited Edition T-Shirt


rabbit x So Young T-Shirt

White T-Shirt. Black Print.

Printed on Stanley/Stella Organic Unisex Creator Iconic Vegan T-Shirt

Sizes S-XL

"I wanted to use this collab to create something that encapsulated rabbit so naturally I have a protagonist girl wearing a full rabbit outfit under moonlight. The illustration has a young woman breastfeeding a rabbit at the centre. This image was inspired by a meme I came across of a girl breastfeeding a lamb. I hadn’t yet explored a rabbit baby image, so the suckling black hare was satisfying to create. I really like the way it brings up lots of different emotions in me. It is at once concerning, beautiful and a little sexy and I’m interested to see what people think. As this is a limited run, I thought I could try something slightly shocking. The little mouse is from Beatrix Potter and features in the Lovesick prints. It simply is just looking up at the world, stepping back and observing what is happening in life. Bats are another animal I adore and were prevalent in my AW23 Battle collection. Bats for me are a symbol of guidance during a dark time. If there is an elderly or unwell bat which cannot leave their home to feed; the community shares their food and makes sure to look after them. They are very caring creatures. Finally, the moon with the sliver of cloud refers to a scene in ‘Un Chien Andalou’ a film written by Dali and Buñuel where it cuts from this image to someone’s eye being sliced with a knife. This is the kind of secret dark references I enjoy having in my work that makes the sweetness feel more grounded in the reality of the bizarre world we live in." Sophie Spratley, rabbit

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