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So Young Issue Sixteen

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Hello 2018, Sorry grace our first print cover of the year. We caught up with Louis and Asha in a London pub as they bid to overcome the South London tag plus discuss how they aim to weave electronic music into their guitar heavy live set. We then make two calls to MGMT, one to Ben and one to Andrew. The duo have released some of their finest work in new record ‘Little Dark Age’ and we gave them both a call to discuss it as well as their passion for cooking and keeping a strong identity. The Magic Gang release their self titled debut on March 16th. We lured them to a pub to discuss the long overdue first record and their intention to rid of musical genres. Swooping over to New York City, we chat Danger Mouse and artwork with Parquet Courts, who release their new record ‘Wide Awake’ in May. Sunflower Bean have returned with a run of triumphant singles from new album ‘TwentyTwo in Blue’. We talk united cities and the power of social media with the band. Back to London via Ireland, whenyoung have been pricking up the ears of the underground over the last 6 months.

Since releasing their debut single via label faves, Hate Hate Hate, the band have embarked on a year of copious drinking and developed an infectious sound. Trekking up north to Leeds, we grab a few moments with Hookworms who have made their successful return this year with the incredible ‘Microshift’. Bassist, MB, took the time to talk about the response to the new record. Staying in Leeds, newbies Drahla have been turning heads as they visit the nations small venues. They tell us about their formation as well as the great sounds coming out of the city at the moment. And if that wasn’t enough interview for you, Gengahr return too! We spoke to frontman, Felix, about capturing performances in the studio and keeping things personal. On page 29 you’ll find out about the amazing Femme Collective. Ugly, Sistertalk and Black Midi are three of our bands to look out for in 2018 and finally, Who Are You? returns including chats with Nilüfer Yanya, Stella Donnelly, Touts and more.


Josh Whettingsteel
Danny Miller
Chiara Dal Maso
Nan Lee
Bo Matteini
Alec Doherty
Esther Lara
Marie Watanabe
Julia GR
Sam Taylor
Valat Ampavat
Clay Hickson
Aysha Tengiz
Carlín Díaz
John Molesworth