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In our twelfth Artist Series edition we’ve collaborated with realist painter Simon Monk on a front and back t-shirt featuring two paintings. “The piece with footballers in a bag is from a time when I was interested in the idea of leisure and the differing ways we approach it. This piece brings together the ideas of shopping and sport but the aspect that I like now is the way that this dramatic, fleeting moment of the football tackle is frozen forever in plastic and sealed in a bag. I’m not entirely sure why I should find this so satisfying but there it is. The other image of the crumpled paper with the eyes, nose and mouth torn out was the first piece in a series that never happened and I honestly can’t remember what I was thinking about when I made it. Looking at it now though, it makes me think of that horrible feeling of looking at a blank page when one has a blank mind, only in this situation the paper looks back at us with the same expression of horror.”