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So Young Issue Fourteen

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Welcome to the third edition of So Young for 2017. Issue Fourteen explores the most exciting crop of new sounds from the sticky floors of independent venues as well as the established and experienced noise from arenas around the country. Our cover is graced by HMLTD, the elusive 6 - piece invited us over for dinner for this issue’s cover story. Not an evening we’ll be forgetting in a hurry... We also speak to Faris Badwan of The Horrors who are arguably making their best and most important music for some time. We chat to him about losing the blurry photos, letting outsiders in and working with new bands such as HMLTD. Spoilt rotten, we stayed up late to speak to King Krule whilst he was in New York and he explains the roots of ‘The Ooz’. Back to London, Saul Adamczewski lets us in on his new band, Insecure Men and we chat to Baxter Dury at his rehearsal space to discuss his new record and getting Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods on board.

Crossing back over the pond, we chat to Downtown Boys following the release of their new record. They talk to us about becoming “more” punk. Instant Shit returns as Georgie Jesson announces the arrival of Salford’s Starlight Magic Hour, stepping on a few heads along the way. Joining the above are London’s Hotel Lux and Yowl. Both dissatisfied with the world and both unafraid to tell it as it is. We turn to Girl Ray for some teenage perspective, the girls explain their pre show rituals which includes lavatory visits and Korn. Sports Team round up the band features, a group on the up who clearly feel the need for a feud. Who Are You? is back too with our favourite new sounds. Expect introductions from Sweaty Palms, The Ninth Wave, Honey Hahs and more.

This issue features artwork by;

Josh Whettingsteel
Jill Senft
Alex Gamsu Jenkins
Daniel Brereton
Sac Magique
Jamie Wolfe
Lucas Dupuy
Alex Buccheri
Michael Cox

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