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So Young Issue Fifteen

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Here we are, our final magazine of 2017. A year of scenes, scandal and a snap election. We now look forward to 2018 with an issue that serves as a heads up for what you can expect in the near future. South London stalwarts, Shame grace our cover as they approach the release of their debut album ‘Songs of Praise’. We catch up with the band at a Brixton pub to chat nerves, contingency plans and what pisses them off. Chilli Jesson, once one half of the Palma Violets dynamic front duo, has gone it alone with new band Crewel Intentions. Meeting at an old West London haunt, we discussed being an outsider, song writing and getting things right in the background. Heading north east, we catch up with Heavenly Records signings, The Orielles and talk through the influence of David Lynch films.

Staying in the area, Manchester band, The Starlight Magic Hour are relatively unknown but we get in touch to check in on their ambitions. Instant Shit returns as we say a fond farewell to Dead Pretties, the band have decided to call it a day. Back to the chats, we drop Goat Girl an email and ask them to review the year, and then its to the states where Starcrawler show that the Rock ‘n’ Roll lies in their inbox as well as their music. Staying with Rough Trade Records, their youngest offering, Honey Hahs, are a force that boast an average age of 12. With a promising year ahead, we have a quick chinwag about their time as a band so far. Jerkcurb from London and Scotland’s Spinning Coin complete our line up but not before we introduce Drahla, Sister Talk, Whenyoung and more in Who Are You?

This issue features artwork by;

Josh Whettingsteel
Carlín Díaz
Jay Cover
Ricardo Passaporte
Ed Burkes
Kyle Platts
Chiara Dal Maso
Esther Lara
Nick Dahlen
Aysha Tengiz
Valat Ampavat
Alan Fears
George Rouy
Michael Cox
Ben White
Alfie Kungu
Spit Tease
Igor Bastidas

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